County Attorney

The Belknap County Attorney is Andrew Livernois. The County Attorney is an elected official, chosen by the citizens of Belknap County every two years. Under the direction of the Attorney General, he is responsible for prosecuting all felonies committed in Belknap County, except for first and second-degree homicides. The office also prosecutes misdemeanor and juvenile appeals to the Belknap County Superior Court and conducts grand jury proceedings in the County. The County Attorney’s Office assists police departments with advice on criminal investigation and training on legal issues. 

The County Attorney is also empowered to act as legal counsel to the county on civil matters, and under the direction of the County Commissioners, he is responsible for prosecuting or defending any suit in which the county is interested, unless the county has obtained other representation.

The overall mission of the County Attorney’s Office is to see that justice is delivered in a fair, impartial, and evenhanded manner and to preserve and protect the integrity of the criminal justice system, and to uphold the laws and constitution of the State of New Hampshire and the United States. The prosecutor represents the interests of the community as a whole and seeks justice for all under the law.

Within the Office of the Belknap County Attorney is a victim-witness coordinator whose job is to ensure that victims of crime have a voice in the criminal justice system, and that the Victims’ Bill of Rights if followed.

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Andrew B. Livernois
Belknap County Attorney

Staff Contacts

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Andrew Livernois County Attorney