In keeping with our tradition of excellence, it is the mission of the Belknap County Sheriff's Department to provide professional and skilled law enforcement and support services to the citizens and visitors of Belknap County. The members of the Department are committed to protecting and serving the community while fulfilling our role as guardians of safety and freedom.

Core Values

In carrying out our mission, the members of the Department will adhere to these values and guiding principles:

Excellence in Service

Members will continuously strive to achieve the highest levels of competency in their duties. They will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects excellence in this profession. The Department will continually strive to provide highly qualified, trained and educated personnel to serve our community.

Professional Integrity

All activities of the members of the Department will be based on the fundamental principle that we are held to a higher standard in our role as guardians of society’s safety and freedoms.

Collaborative Approach

In order to provide effective and efficient public safety, the Department will use the team approach to problem solving, both within the Department and with outside agencies.

Accountability to the Public

Members of the Department will serve in a professional manner that will build public confidence and trust.

Staff Contacts